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We hire the Best Mobile Application Developers to offer Highly Featured Mobile Applications

In this modern world of technology, the use of mobile applications has brought a dependency in the lives of people. Now, people can perform every daily activity with the help of mobile applications. The mobile applications are introduced in the market in different mobile platforms like Android, IOS, etc. However, as per the current mobile app revolution, our experienced mobile application developers always try to develop lightweight, compatible, and user-friendly UI/UX. The mobile applications form a beneficial means in terms of connecting various people while performing a task. Thus, for benefiting our client with this mobile application revolution, the highly experienced and skilled mobile application developers of STANDARD Web Solutions always offer customized mobile applications to our clients. Using cutting edge technology, we provide the best featured and rich mobile application to the clients.

What we offer in Mobile Application Development services?

STANDARD Web Solutions offer a platter of exclusive services, including highly featured mobile application development that eases daily activities of the people. Our highly experienced and skilled application developers always maintain in offering high quality services to each of our client with on-time delivery which we consider to be our main priority. Each service we offer here is customized according to the need of customers at a highly reasonable cost.


Android is an open source mobile operating system that is primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In the current revolutionary age of mobile applications, most of the mobile applications are developed on android platform. We are specialized in developing customized android applications with the inclusion of exclusive features as required by clients.


iOS is a mobile operating system that is developed by Apple Inc. This operating system only powers the iPhone and iPad. After android, it is the mostly used operating system. The user interface of the iOS is powered by user-friendly features along with the advanced AI technology. Our competent iOS developers deliver the optimum featured iOS mobile application to the clients in terms of its user interface.

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Hybrid and React Native

Hybrid app is a software application which combines elements of both native and web applications. It accommodates multiple platforms by allowing the developers to write code for a mobile application once. On the other side, react native code can be reused up to 90% between iOS and android applications and so can be built several applications with it. It reacts lightning fast. It powers many of the world's leading apps.

Migration and Upgradation

We exclusively offer migration and upgradation services of the mobile applications to tailor its related requirements and challenges of the clients depending on the different frameworks and operating system of the mobiles such as android application, iOS application etc. As per the upgradation service, we come up with different additions and modifications of the features of the mobile application.

Bug Fixes

To confirm our dealings with the irregular bugs of the android and iOS applications we always fix all the bugs concerning the functional, performance, compatibility, security, syntax, code duplication, data type mismatch etc before delivering or deploying the applications to the mobile platform. The bug fixing capability confirms the quality of the product that is being delivered to our esteemed clients.

QA(Quality Assurance) & Testing

STANDARD Web Solutions boasts in possessing a highly qualified QA team who always aim at delivering optimum quality mobile applications to our clients. Before the delivery of the product, all kinds of tests including automated and manually are performed by the testing team to avoid even a minute bug. The assurance of a high quality product is very important to maintain the goodwill in the market.

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